The benefits of sustainability are numerous: reduced energy and operating costs, better quality of life and work environments for employees, and an improved corporate image.

At Whitney, we have a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental causes. Our dedicated Green Committee continuously works to improve internal process and best practices for the firm. Over 40% of our design staff are LEED Accredited Professionals. Incorporating green initiatives into our designs is a Whitney standard, not simply for projects seeking LEED certification but for all projects. And if LEED certification becomes a project goal, we have the methodology in place to achieve that objective.

More than just a philosophy...
We regularly donate to environmental organizations such as NRDC and Save the Rain Forest. Recently, in conjunction with and the Cool Cities Coalition, Whitney organized a firm-wide tree planting party in Elmhurst. We solicited donated trees from a local nursery and enlisted the help of a local arborist to determine the most beneficial location to plant the trees at each site. Our Climate Action Now committee is working with other local environmental groups and using viral marketing methods to spread the word about the urgency of climate change issues.