Mark Stenftenagel | IIDA
CEO | Principal | Registered Interior Designer
With Whitney since…the beginning

As founder of Whitney, Mark has 35 years of diversified design expertise for which he is highly respected in the industry. Under his direction and leadership, the Whitney team has been instrumental in developing millions of square feet of commercial space throughout the country. Mark has a detailed design eye and strives to be sustainable in all aspects of his life from the car he drives to the solar panels on his house. Mark has built this firm on relationships and forward-thinking design. Thanks to his investment in a new knee, he can still out-slalom any of his Whitney team members on the lake.

Mark’s Links | | | |

John Burjek | AIA
President | Principal | Licensed Architect
With Whitney Since…1987

With involvement in the majority of projects that come through Whitney’s doors, John is a hands-on President and team member. John is a licensed architect in 35 states and counting. His favorite U.S. city is New Orleans, where the youngest of his three daughters is attending college. John enjoys networking on the golf course and cooking for his family to unwind. He also just so happens to be the saltine-eating champion of the office.

John’s Links | | | | | |
Salvatore Graziano
Principal | Director of Design
Registered Interior Designer
With Whitney Since…1985

As Whitney’s Director of Design, Sal is the go-to person in the office for project design input. He has an amazingly acute eye for his surroundings. With incredible hand-rendering capabilities, Sal’s background in drawing consistently benefits our clients in visualizing their space’s potential. With interests including intricate custom millwork, furniture design, and rendering with sidewalk chalk, he is a jack-of-all-trades. Sal likes to relax with sketching and watercolors. He also enjoys taking his daughter, Mia Maria, to her tennis, swimming, and piano lessons every chance he gets.

Sal’s Links | | | | |

Amy Stinson | IIDA
Principal | Workplace Strategist
Registered Interior Designer
With Whitney Since…1984

With roots in the South and a passion for textiles and color theory, Amy’s great attention to detail and joie de vivre never cease to amaze us. She is a collector of ethnic textiles, beads, and artifacts. Her broad range of interests encompasses everything from gourmet cooking to reptiles (both before and after they’ve been made into handbags). Having centered her design career around educating others on the history and potential of design, Amy has extended her knowledge base to include workplace strategy. Amy has successfully guided many of our clients through Immersion Programming and Workplace Discovery sessions to help them uncover hidden potential and identify workplace issues that might impact their space.  

Amy’s Links | | | | | |

Mary Esche
Principal | Business Development
With Whitney Since…1998

As our business development guru, Mary does not stop moving. She is involved with every project that she brings through Whitney’s doors. Her relationship-driven business sense has built the personality of Whitney over the years. Mary has a passion for her involvement in non-for-profit organizations, including the Chicago Food Depository and City of Hope. She is a committed team member at Whitney, and her dedication is evident through the network she has established. Mary loves spending time with her kids, vacationing in warm climates, and valets whenever possible.

Mary’s Links |
Melissa Bogusch
Principal | Licensed Architect
With Whitney Since…2005

As one of Whitney’s licensed architects, Melissa offers valuable input on the majority of Whitney’s architectural drawings. She is the go-to team member for any building code inquiries or problem solving. As a LEED AP, Melissa has started our Whitney Green Committee and has a strong interest in environmental design. Her interests include Southwestern architecture and textiles, as well as red pens.

Melissa’s Links | | |
Joanne Bunda
Principal | Operations Manager
With Whitney Since…1984

Joanne has been with Whitney since day one. Often referred to as “the glue” of the company, she manages HR and Accounting, not to mention the everyday operations needed to keep Whitney running smoothly. In her time outside of the office, she enjoys theatre, concerts, old movies, mystery novels, and politics. She always makes time for her daughters, son-in-laws and her precious grandsons. Joanne loves this country and actively supports the brave men and women who defend it.

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Jeffrey Eland
VP Tenant Development | Senior Project Manager
With Whitney Since…1996

As Vice President of Tenant Development, Jeff has led his team through significant growth over the past decade. He has enjoyed the opportunity of expanding his side of our business to where it is today. Whether it is running square footage calculations or keeping an eye on the stock market, he is dedicated to making the numbers work. When Jeff is not enjoying his team at Whitney, you might find him sailing on the high seas or perhaps fishing in the Western Suburbs.

Jeff'’s Links |

L. Suzanne Astra | AIA, LEED AP
Senior Project Manager | Licensed Architect
With Whitney Since…1997

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Suzanne has worked on a plethora of projects from financial powerhouses to corporate giants. As much as she enjoys working with her teams at Whitney, she gains her focus and dedication outside of the office as a triathlete and swim coach. While raising three teenagers, she finds serenity while training for her biggest achievement to date, a Half Ironman triathlon. In her down time, Suzanne’s interests include gardening, cooking, and kayaking.

Suzanne's Links | | |

Laura Hancock | AIA, NCARB, IIDA
Project Architect | Licensed Architect

With her tenacious work ethic, passion for design and her previous experience in residential and commercial interiors, Laura is a licensed architect and brings enthusiasm and dedication to the fast paced Tenant Improvement Team. She has supported the architectural profession in her free time by volunteering with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards and the Chicago Women in Architecture. As an adventurous spirit, Laura loves to travel, jog [she completed her first 1/2marathon!] cook and she has a green thumb.

Laura's Links | | | |

Thomas Brackett | IIDA, LEED AP
Senior Project Manager | Registered Interior Designer
With Whitney Since…1994

A naturally creative soul, Thom adds inspiration to the Whitney studio through his renderings and sketches – sometimes life size. Thanks to his background in art, Thom can visualize just about anything and transfer it to paper. As a long-time member of the Whitney team, Thom offers extensive experience on all project types and enjoys the diversity of work with which he is involved. Thom has served on the IIDA Illinois Board for six years. Thom’s family plays a major role in his life. Whether it is his daughter’s athletics, his son’s performing arts, or a team member at Whitney, Thom is a full- time supporter of everyone around him.

Thom’s Links | |

Ron Walker
Senior Project Manager | Licensed Architect
With Whitney Since…2004

With 25 years under his belt in the commercial design industry, Ron is a vital member of our Tenant Development team. After spending seven years as a facility architect for a large Chicago bank, he shares the same thought process as our clients. This allows him to assess each project he manages with the client's needs as top priority. Also known as Ron “the Hammer” Walker, he describes himself as “larger than life and louder than a freight train.” Ron is known for the sound of his laugh across a crowded room. Among other things, he is the Golf Pro of the Whitney School of Golf and servd as the Cubmaster of local Cub Scout Pack 108 for 12 years.

Ron’s Links |

Brett Polich | AIA, LEED AP
Senior Project Manager | Licensed Architect
With Whitney Since…2005

As an Architect/Photographer/World Traveler/Dad, it's clear why Brett specializes in problem solving. Whitney team members rely on him for his vast knowledge of technical details. His strength in the details has gotten him through the toughest of projects, including a tour of duty working for the Department of Corrections. You may have noticed how perfect those door frames were last time you walked through one of Illinois’ choice prisons! Brett knew he would become an architect after building a house with his dad. Now that he has a son of his own, Brett’s interests are sure to be passed along to the next generation.

Brett’s Links | |

Richard Lott | ARB
Associate | Licensed British Architect
With Whitney Since…2003

Richard not only adds a British accent to our office, he is also our resident CAD guru and problem solver extraordinaire. As a well traveled bloke, Richard brings global experience to his designs. He runs his projects as if they were a marathon, not a sprint. Every detail is thought through to the greatest extent and there is never a possibility overlooked. He gives his all to everything he sets forth to accomplish. Richard is an avid runner, kite surfer, kayaker, snowboarder, cyclist, and swimmer. His teammates at Whitney wish he would be more open to trying new things.

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Rob Oppenborn | AIA, LEED AP
Associate | Licensed Architect
With Whitney Since…2004

With interests ranging from building kaleidoscopes to playing the trumpet, Rob always has something new to share with his team at Whitney. Rob volunteers as an interpreter for the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust in Oak Park, IL where he is able to share his love of architecture and Frank through educating others about the beauty and elegance of a well-designed plan. As an Architecture graduate from the University of Notre Dame, Rob understands the value of a high quality product crafted from careful consideration and insightful design. As a member of the Tenant Development team, Rob has the ability to work with strict deadlines and meet all of his clients' expectations. Rob takes pride in being able to successfully juggle multiple tasks all while providing top quality customer service to each and every client.

Rob’s Links | | |

Nici Nilles | LEED AP
Associate | Registered Interior Designer
With Whitney Since…2001

Nici {Nick–E} is a crucial member of the Whitney design team. She is a decisive and pro-active Project Manager that is dedicated to all of her projects. Nici is a problem solver, communicator, and has the professional knowledge to support her enthusiasm for design. Outside of the office, Nici is living the dream with her husband, son, and daughter (90 pound chocolate lab and white picket fence included). Nici’s interests include large scale pendant lighting and perennials, not to mention downhill skiing, after a childhood of competing in the sport.

Nici’s Links | | |

Heather Thomas
Project Manager | Registered Interior Designer
With Whitney Since…2003

Never afraid to think outside the box, Heather’s creative spirit allows her to deliver innovative designs beyond her clients’ expectations. Using her artistic talent and extensive knowledge of the latest design trends, she delivers creative solutions to every problem given to her. These skills, combined with her project management experience, allow her to design spaces which not only function, but enhance the overall company performance. In addition to Heather’s design interests, she serves as a Board member to Junior Achievement of Chicago and enjoys painting, hiking, and working with students. Heather is an avid world traveler, whose travels influence her as a designer. She has traveled to South Africa, Thailand, New Zealand, and spent time living in Aspen, CO. The next not-so-hot spot could possibly be The Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.

Heather’s Links | |

Rick Joutras
With Whitney Since…2005

With a multitude of degrees including Industrial Design, Organizational Psychology, and Culinary Arts, it is no wonder Rick brings a creative outlook to his projects. Rick graduated from University of Michigan where he was captain of the Michigan water polo team two years running and an all Big Ten player. His accomplishments prove that he is driven in all aspects of his life. Rick spends his spare time hanging out with his family, cooking, and being active.

Rick’s Links | | | |

Melissa Mahoney | NCIDQ, LEED AP
Senior Project Manager | Registered Interior Designer
With Whitney Since…2004

Since joining the Whitney team, Melissa has gained extensive project-management experience with several multi-market clients. She has helped develop design standards for these clients, and has assisted implementing these standards globally. With her lively personality, she brings freshness and life to every project she is on. Melissa enjoys creating artwork out of anything she can get her hands on. Her husband and son are subjected to new vignettes around the house on a daily basis.

Melissa’s Links | | |

Amy Gassen
Project Manager

Amy first started with Whitney in 2004 as a member of the Tenant Improvement Team. After a brief sabbatical to start her family, she returned to the team in 2014. Amy, who has a Master’s in Architecture from The University of Illinois, enjoys teaching up-and-coming architectural professionals through various courses at The College of DuPage. In her free time, Amy enjoys baking and venturing out on walks in her community with her husband and 3 children.

Amy’s Links | | |

Samantha Wenzel | IIDA, LEED AP
Senior Designer | Registered Interior Designer
With Whitney Since…2005

Samantha came to Whitney armed with degrees from Illinois State University in Interior Design and Business. Since joining Whitney, she has learned to meet any project challenges thrown her way. Samantha has gained extensive experience working on a variety of projects ranging from corporate to hospitality to senior living. She is involved in professional organizations and is currently the IIDC Membership Director. Her latest travel adventure included a trip to the Pacific Northwest touring Portland, Seattle and Vancouver.

Samantha’s Links | | | |

Ogge Schieber | BDIA
Senior Designer
With Whitney Since…2003

After growing up in Bopfingen, Germany and traveling throughout Europe, South America, and North America, Ogge decided to plant his roots in Chicago and pursue his passion for design. His family’s woodworking business sparked his interest in design at a very young age. Ogge has the computer rendering skills that benefit many of our clients during their project process. His rendering style gives a picture-perfect visual of what is to come after construction is completed. As a tri-lingual, master hunter, fisherman, and former bee keeper, Ogge enjoys the great outdoors and camping.

Ogge’s Links |

Jane Anderson | LEED AP
Project Designer | Registered Interior Designer
With Whitney Since…2006

Jane is strong and driven, with a background in design from Southern Illinois University. To some it may be a surprise that this petite, soft-spoken woman is a woodworker on the side. Since joining our Tenant Development team, Jane has proven her capabilities, not only by beating Ron in an arm-wrestling tournament, but also in her project work. She is a quick but thorough designer who produces crisp and well-established space plans while thinking through the end result of the project as a whole. Jane is one with nature and enjoys the great outdoors while camping, hiking and rock climbing in her spare time.

Jane’s Links | | |

Kate Hagelow | LEED AP
Senior Project Manager | Registered Interior Designer
With Whitney Since…2007

Since joining the Whitney team, Kate has had essential input on all aspects of design within her projects. She is confident, assertive, and intuitive with her design concepts. She is never afraid of the project challenges put before her, and strives to make each client’s vision for their space a reality. Kate graduated from Indiana University with degrees in Art History, Music, and Interior Design, which helps explain her multitude of interests and accomplishments. She is a spirited Chicago sports fan with a team-player attitude at Whitney and in all that she does. Kate enjoys traveling. Her favorite spot is Litchfield Beach, S.C., in the summer.

Kate’s Links | | | |

Elaine Decho-Fishman | IIDA, LEED AP
Senior Designer
With Whitney Since…2008

As an avid tennis player with a graphics and interiors background, Elaine keeps it professional on and off the court. Voted “Cutest Baby Boy”in a high school photo contest, she has a great sense of humor in all aspects of her life. Elaine enjoys space planning and workplace psychology. She plays a critical role on our Whitney team by sharing her extensive graphic design talent and passion for interior design. Elaine enjoys immersing herself into the research that goes into each aspect of her projects. In her time away from the office and off the court, you may find her vacationing in California with her three rescued Greyhounds.

Elaine’s Links | | | |

Diane Nakis
With Whitney Since…1984

Diane has worked diligently at maintaining her part-time status at Whitney for 25+ years. After a few years in our Director of First Impressions position, Diane transferred to our accounting department. Without Diane’s organizational skills and persistence in tracking projects, Whitney wouldn’t be the company it is today. In her time away from Whitney, Diane can be found planning her next cruise. She is a fan of any beach where she can avoid fish or reptiles. At home, Diane is surrounded by males: two sons, her husband and their dog, Shamus.

Diane’s Links | |

Marge Ramirez
With Whitney Since…1996

Marge is the money woman of the office, which makes her the most popular Whitney team member on pay day. With her cheerful personality, it is no surprise that Marge loves laughter. A 2006 trip to Venice, Italy spurred a love of air travel and subsequent trips to France, Mexico, and many US cities. In addition to travel, Marge enjoys movies, concerts, theater, dining out, cocktails with family on her deck, and a good game of scrabble.

Marge’s Links | | | |

Mary Diebold
With Whitney Since…1999

As our Director of First Impressions, Mary D. is the personality of Whitney. She is the voice that every Whitney client since 1999 has gotten to know and love. As a sibling of eight, mother of four, and grandmother of three, Mary knows just how to take care of everyone that graces us with their presence. Mary makes the best out of every situation that comes her way, and always with a smile on her face. At the end of a long day, you can always catch her in the midst of a yoga or spinning class. In her time away from the office, Mary loves to seek out live music with her honey.

Mary’s Links | | |

Emily Brown
Environmental Branding Consultant
With Whitney Since…2008

As a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Graphic Design, Emily clearly has the education to support her creative energy. Emily doesn’t stop at corporate graphics and branding, she also enjoys creating custom invitations, stationery, and even paints when she has a spare minute. After meeting Emily, it is not a surprise that her favorite color happens to be a range of green, from kelly to lime and anything in between. She loves spending time out on the lake with her husband and their dog, Jackie.

Emily’s Links | | | | | | | |

Burke Quinn
VP of Business Development
With Whitney Since 2006

We love Burke for his Irish-American spirit and gab, his endless supply of new and recycled jokes, and his unmatched network of business connections – all of which helps if your role is Vice President of Business Development. “I think of myself as the voice of reason in the design world,” says Burke. “I’ve worked all sides of the business, so I know what the equation has to be for it to work for everyone. If it’s not a win for the client, it’s not going to be a win for us.”

Burke has worked with contract furniture manufacturers, dealers and independent rep firms in key sales and executive positions, and now he’s building on that foundation to sell Qdesign’s services in design, marketing and consulting expertise to an expanding number of loyal clients.

Courtney Detlefs
Registered Interior Designer | Project Manager

With degrees in Interior Design and Studio Art, Courtney brings a diverse set of skills to all of her projects. Her attention to detail and logical design approach make her an asset to the fast-moving projects that come through Whitney’s doors. Courtney has a strong interest in creating sustainable spaces and has been LEED Accredited since 2008. In her time outside the office, Courtney enjoys snow skiing, crafting, and trying new restaurants. Although she was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, she loves being a tourist in her own city.

Courtney’s Links | |
Emily Ihle
With Whitney Since 2012

Emily’s innate zest for commercial design led her to Indiana Wesleyan University, where she graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Interior Design. While in school, she grew her love for the industry through tutoring and mentoring Interior and Graphic Design students, interning at a Chicago architecture firm, and working as Curator of the 1920 Art Gallery. Her work positively impacted the design standard of IWU, portraying the influence and inspiration that can be evoked from a single space. Some of her favorite pastimes include exploring new cities with her husband, sitting back with a soy latte at Caribou Coffee, and watching Seinfeld reruns.

Brandon Socha
With Whitney Since 2014

Brandon joined the Whitney Tenant Improvement team in 2014. As a graduate from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor’s in Architectural Science and a Master’s in Architecture, Brandon thrives on designing highly efficient spaces. He has a particular interest in design integration ensuring all architectural, mechanical, and structural specialties work in conjunction with one another. Away from the office, he is an avid golfer and guitar player. He also may be found taking in the scenery from his family’s cottage in Minocqua, Wisconsin.

Brandon’s Links | |
Janet Caponigro
Project Designer
With Whitney Since…1990

Janet has been involved in the Chicago design community for over 26 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all of her clients and projects. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Southern Illinois University, she originally joined Whitney in 1990 and was with us for 8 years working on a wide range of projects both large and small. While raising her two children she joined a new design company in the restaurant field and was a major factor in helping it expand and grow into a furniture design and custom millwork shop. She has since returned to the Whitney team and brings with her the creative understanding of combining technology with art and playfulness. She is adept at revealing great solutions to the most difficult layout dilemmas by incorporating unique ideas and products used in other industries. Janet is a resource that we encourage our clients to take advantage of.

Katherine Faye
With Whitney Since…2012

Katherine joined Whitney in fall 2012. Katherine is a part of the Tenant Improvement group. Her current responsibilities include space planning, BOMA calculations, material and finish selection and preparing construction documents. Katherine graduated with honors from Purdue University's Interior Design Program.

Since fifteen, her designs have been put to life; from wall units to renovations. In Katherine's spare time at Purdue she designed spaces for a local sorority house renovation, kitchen remodel, and home additions.

Matthew Churchill
AIA Associate | Project Designer
With Whitney Since…2012

Matt joined Whitney in 2012 as a project designer after graduating from Judson University with a Masters of Architecture. As a full-time designer, Matt assists his team in all phases of a project from space planning and design development to construction drawings and construction administration. With his background in architecture combined with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Illinois Institute of Art, Matt has a thorough understanding of the complete design process from a technical and creative standpoint. Matt's passion for design is not limited to the built environment, but also extends into furniture and product design. He spends his free time designing and constructing creative furniture solutions for his own personal use and has also partnered with co-workers to participate in commercial furniture design competitions; most recently receiving 8th place out of over 40 entries for a competition with IZZY+.

Sara Gotschewski
AIA Associate | Designer
With Whitney Since…2012

Sara joined Whitney in August of 2012 after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with university honors and a professional degree of a Bachelors of Architecture. As a full-time Designer, Sara assists her team in all phases of a project from space planning and design development to construction drawings and construction administration. With her architectural background and experience from a Design-Build approach, she specifically understands the importance of coordination as well as maintaining the client's original intent throughout the entire project. She is best known for her responsiveness and quick follow-up on all client concerns and construction issues.

Scott Drasler
Project Manager
With Whitney Since…2013

Scot Drasler joined Whitney in the beginning of 2013. He has a B.F.A. in Interior Architecture from Northern Illinois University, and over 10 years' experience in the Architecture and Interior Design fields. As a project manager, Scott is responsible for the coordination and production of all phases of the design process. Including, but nor limited to; programming, space planning, conceptual development and branding, finish and furniture selection, construction documents and construction administration. Scott takes a special interest in developing construction drawings that are innovative in design and true to the budget, with an emphasis on quality control.

Silja Yanz
Senior Designer
With Whitney Since…2010

Silja (pronounced Seel-ya) joined Whitney in the Spring of 2010. She is committed to providing exceptional service to her clients through unique and functional work solutions. Silja is passionate about human-based design research and protecting the environment. As a Senior Designer, she assists Project Managers with all phases of the design process, from space planning and design development to material/finish selection and construction drawings. In 2006, Silja graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BS in Environments, Textiles & Design. After graduation, she worked at two commercial architecture/interior design/engineering firms in Wisconsin before joining Whitney. There she gained experience in a wide range of project types including corporate and healthcare. Her fine arts background contributes to her strengths in hand-rendering and computer generated presentation drawings.

Valerie Jardon
Senior Project Manager | IIDA LEED AP ID+C NCIDQ
With Whitney Since…2013

Valerie Jardon joined Whitney in the beginning of 2013. She is a registered Interior Designer with a background in educational, municipal and contract design. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg (2007) and is actively involved with the Illinois Chapter of IIDA; serving on the board since April 2011.

As a project manager, Valerie is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the design process. Her passion lies in problem solving through design and she believes open communication is the key to a successful project. | |

Mark Stenftenagel | CEO | Principal
John Burjek | President | Principal
Salvatore Graziano | Director of Design | Principal
Amy Stinson | Principal
Mary Esche | Principal
Melissa Bogusch | Principal
Joanne Bunda | Principal
Jeffrey Eland | VP Tenant Development | Senior Project Manager
L. Suzanne Astra | Senior Project Manager
Thomas Brackett | Senior Project Manager
Ron Walker | Senior Project Manager
Brett Polich | Senior Project Manager
Richard Lott | Associate
Rob Oppenborn | Associate
Nici Nilles | Associate
Heather Thomas | Project Manager
Rick Joutras | Associate
Melissa Mahoney | Senior Project Manager
Amy Gassen | Project Manager
Samantha Wenzel | Senior Designer
Ogge Schieber | Senior Designer
Jane Anderson | Project Designer
Kate Hagelow | Senior Project Manager
Elaine Decho-Fishman | Senior Designer
Diane Nakis | Administration
Marge Ramirez | Bookkeeper
Mary Diebold | Receptionist
Emily Brown | Environmental Branding Consultant
Jessie James | Senior Designer
Jennifer Fangmann | Associate
Mary Beth Peters | Senior Project Manager
Janet Caponigro | Project Designer
Katherine Faye | Designer
Matthew Churchill | Project Designer
Sara Gotschewski, AIA Associate | Designer
Scott Drasler | Project Manager
Silja Yanz | Senior Project Manager
Valerie Jardon | Senior Project Manager
Burke Quinn | VP of Business Development
Courtney Detlefs | Project Manager
Emily Ihle | Designer
Brandon Socha | Designer
Laura Hancock | Project Architect
Jessie James
Senior Designer
With Whitney Since…2010

Jessie joined the Whitney team after completing her Bachelors and Masters in Interior Design at Iowa State University. She enjoys all aspects of design, and is always ready and willing to jump into a new project. Jessie speaks fluent Italian and is always up for a jaunt to Europe. Although she shares her name with an outlaw and a custom chopper designer, she doesn't happen to share the same hobbies. As a national competitor in billiards and bodybuilding, she is sure to keep up with any new challenges that are brought her way.

Jessie’s Links | |

Jennifer Fangmann | LEED AP
Associate | Registered Interior Designer
With Whitney Since…2000

A multi-tasking mother of four girls, Jennifer is known around the office as a woman who can handle anything that comes her way. She aims to please in everything she does on a daily basis. She specializes in working with our national and global corporate clients. With a travel schedule and family of six, she is thankful for her husband who totally “gets it”. Her family enjoys living a simplified life in an earth-friendly home; be that by line-drying laundry, growing grapes to make homemade jelly, knitting, sewing, or spending time in Iowa on the family farm to keep them connected to their farming heritage.

Jennifer’s Links | |

Mary Beth Peters| LEED AP
Senior Project Manager | Registered Interior Designer
With Whitney Since…2000

Living in a creative household, Mary Beth enjoys being inspired on a daily basis. Her husband, who designs and builds custom furniture, and their two sons round out her artistic family. After her design education, which included studying for a semester in the Netherlands, Mary Beth found her way to Whitney. Her designs are always thoroughly thought through with great attention to detail. She is constantly seeking out new things to learn and challenge herself with. In any spare time she happens to have, Mary Beth enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures.

Mary Beth’s Links | | |

Paula Lutz | Senior Project Manager
Silja Yanz | LEED AP
Senior Project Manager | Registered Interior Designer
With Whitney Since…2010

Whether she greets you with hei, hallå or hello, Silja {sill-ya} definitely adds to Whitney’s international flare. Having been born and raised in Finland, Silja decided that the Midwest and its cold winters felt just like home. Equipped with a Bachelors of Science in Environments, Textiles, & Design from UW Madison and a strong fine arts background, Silja is an essential member of the Whitney family. In her spare time she loves traveling, painting, and sewing tutus for her nieces. Silja has also participated in the Special Olympics Polar Plunge and has roughly ten nicknames.

Paula Lutz | ASID, IIDA, LEED AP
Senior Project Manger | Registered Interior Designer
With Whitney Since 2010

With a design background in residential, commercial, streetscape, and historic preservation, Paula brings a wealth of knowledge to our Whitney family. This UW Stout alumni enjoys paying it forward by volunteering her time to chair NCIDQ exam committees . Her love for food and travel have taken her to France and Italy with the hopes of seeing Spain, Turkey, and Greece in the future. This ambitious explorer once accidently climbed a volcano on the Aeolian Islands. Hailing from a family of eight siblings, she loves spoiling her many nieces and nephews. She also designs modern handmade quilts.


Hannah Maletich | Project Designer
Bryant Treadwell | Project Designer
Janice Santucci | Project Designer
Tim Buchenberger | Designer
Tim Buchenberger
With Whitney Since 2012

Tim was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and grew up playing sports. He went to Auburn University where he received his Bachelors of Industrial Design. Tim loves to travel and take road trips; but most of all he loves to go camping with his dog, Charlie, in the Red River Gorge of eastern Kentucky. His other hobbies include looking at maps, taking photographs of landscapes, details, and textures, watching any sporting event that involves the University of Louisville, and listening to live music. Tim is very passionate. He enjoys using his imagination and looking at things differently to create a solution.


Bryant Treadwell
Project Designer
With Whitney Since 2012

Prior to graduating with a Masters of Arts in Interior Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design, Bryant began teaching college courses. His passion and talent for all things creative have made him a great addition to the Whitney team. While Bryant’s interests include drawing, painting, bike riding, coin collecting, football, and live jazz…he most importantly love spending time with family doing both fun and relaxing things. Bryant’s positive personality and dry sense of humor keeps us all on our toes.


Hannah Maletich
Project Designer
With Whitney Since 2011

Prior to studying design at Illinois State University, Hannah lived all over the world. She grew-up in Turkey, Iraq, and Germany where she learned to drink black tea five times a day, ride a magic carpet, and be precise in almost everything she does. Her multi-cultural background has given her a broad perspective on what design is, and how it reflects and affects society. Hannah is fluent in German, semi-fluent in Turkish, and speaks survival French. Among her many talents, Hannah plays the violin and trumpet, enjoys glass blowing, and recently got her hands on her grandpa’s old wood lathe. She loves riding her bicycle for hours and exploring unknown territory.


Janice Santucci
Project Designer
With Whitney Since 1986...2011

After graduating from Northern Illinois University, with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture, Janice began her career at Whitney. She is focused in Tenant Development, where she enjoys the wide range of diverse projects. Janice has experience with all phases and aspects of the design process. After family and her children's sports and activities, some of her interests include art history, films, music, reading, and travel.


Laura Scallon | Project Designer
Veronika Massie | Senior Designer
Laura Scallon | LEED AP
Project Designer
With Whitney Since 2011

Laura joined the Whitney team after graduating from Iowa State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design. During her design education, she won a team competition that led to one of her projects being published in Hospitality Design magazine. Laura has come a long way from the gravel road she grew up on, armed with the background knowledge of working with power tools and driving a tractor. She spends her spare time doing anything from brushing up on her sewing skills to playing in a dodge ball league. Her varied interests help her adapt to any project that comes her way.


Veronika Massie | Associate AIA
Senior Designer
With Whitney Since 2011

Veronika joined the Whitney team after working at a small architecture firm in Chicago where she managed a wide range of project types. She graduated with honors from the Illinois Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Architecture degree, and a specialization in digital design. While in college, she became a certified Pyrotechnician and worked for a company assisting in the design and implementation of fireworks displays all over the Chicagoland area. Passionate about all aspects of architecture and design, Veronika finds time to serve on the Board of Directors for a not-for-profit organization called the Chicago Women in Architecture (CWA) and also serves on the CWA Foundation Board. Coming originally from Prague, Czech Republic, she is inspired by her Czech heritage and brings an international flare to the Whitney team with her second language of Czech. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and is always up for a game of golf.